How to Track a Cell Phone Location By Number in South Africa?

Cell Phone Location in south africa

Smartphones are at the epicenter of our daily activities. Using these devices, we can communicate seamlessly with friends and family, facilitate eCommerce, and get inundated with the latest trends – all from the comfort of our homes! Therefore, it’s no surprise over 6.5 billion smartphone users exist worldwide. 

Although mobile phones might seem advantageous, note that some individuals employ them for sinister and nefarious actions. Cyberbullying, infidelity, sexting, and child predation are among the negatives. Thus, it’s only normal for you to seek routes to monitor the location of your kid, partner, or employee based in South Africa.

Do you need a magic wand to conduct phone-tracking activities in South Africa? Not quite. All you require is a top-tier phone tracker compatible with Android and iOS devices.

But there’s an issue. While there are numerous options in the market, most are fake and outright scams.

This article seeks to change all that. In the subsequent lines, we’ll show you how to track a cell phone location by number in South Africa and notable alternatives you can use to conduct this activity without hassles.

Yearning to know how to find the location of a phone number in South Africa? Read to the end! 

Can I Track Phone Numbers in South Africa?

South Africa flag

It might get weird stares when you state your endeavor to monitor phone numbers in South Africa. 

But guess what? You can!

Using a phone tracking service, you can view the GPS location of an individual without hassles. Depending on your preferred option (we’ll list a few in the latter parts of this article), all you need to get started is the target’s phone number. 

Cell phone trackers in South Africa don’t just grant you a blanket location of the target cell phone. Due to their revolutionary add-ons, you’ll view the real-time location of a tracked Android or iOS phone in Cape Town in one TAP!

Besides location tracking, some phone number tracker alternatives will grant you insight into other data bits on the target smartphone, including:

  • Text messages
  • Calls
  • Emails
  • Browser history
  • And lots more!

NOTE: Before you adopt a South Africa mobile number tracker to monitor your kid, partner, or employee’s GPS location all day long, ensure the rules within your state don’t object to this activity. For more context on spying laws in South Africa, contact a tech lawyer pronto!

3 Options to Track Any Mobile Number in South Africa

We’ve seen it’s possible to acquire an individual’s location data via their number in South Africa. But what mobile tracker categories are relevant to this activity?

Here are our top three: 

#1 SMS Location Tracking Apps

SMS location tracking apps are services that grant you access to a device’s real-time GPS location using the target’s cell phone number. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Head to the platform’s URL and insert the South African phone number you’d like to track. It should have this format (+27 81 390 2242).
  2. After inserting a number, create a text and click the “Send” icon. The service will insert a URL and forward it to the target Android or iOS device.
  3. When the target receives it and clicks on the message, you’ll instantly receive information on their GPS location. 

Although multiple SMS location tracking apps claim to trace a number in South Africa without hassles, it’ll be best to use a proven alternative like

#2 Spy Apps

If you’d like to spy on your ward, partner, or employee’s device and sieve out their GPS location, texts, emails, and social media chats, we recommend spy apps. 

Upon installation on the target device, you can access any data bit you’d like without needing a password. 

Here’s how to get started with one:

  1. Subscribe to your preferred spying service.
  2. Install the app on the target device using the instructions sent across.
  3. Head to your unique Control Panel and sieve out the target device’s GPS location and other data bits.

You’d encounter numerous spy apps to track a phone number while scouring the web for options functional in South Africa. However, if you seek efficiency and 100% stealth, it’ll be best to use a top spy app like mSpy. 

#3 Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

Reverse phone lookup sites work similarly to the SMS location tracking services we gave credence to earlier. 

Here’s how they function:

  1. Head to the preferred reverse phone lookup site of your choice. We recommend using – phonenumbertrack – as it delivers accurate results on South African phone numbers.
  2. Insert the phone number associated with the target’s iOS or Android device.
  3. Click “Track.”
  4. View their GPS location immediately.

NOTE: According to Missing Children SA, 23% of kids who go missing in South Africa are never found. Albeit an unfortunate statistic, it’ll be best to install a mobile phone tracker on your ward’s phone to ensure you’re in sync with their whereabouts 24/7. 

Best Apps to Track Someone’s Location With Phone Number

As we’ve established, you’ll find a ton of shady mobile tracker mediums on the Internet. Well, it’s not all “doom and gloom,” as several alternatives grant you access to a target device’s precise GPS location with ease!

Here are the alternatives that make our list: 


scannero is a service that gives you context on how to track someone’s location with a phone number. This service is easy to use, and unlike other GPS monitoring options, you don’t need to install any app on the target device to access their real-time location.

The only thing required to use and get precise location data in South Africa is a phone number!

Using, you won’t encounter compatibility issues as the service works on all Android and iOS cell phones. Additionally, you can track any phone number in South Africa, regardless of carrier. 

Once you key into a package, you’ll be able to view the location details of multiple South African phone numbers. Besides GPS location tracking, also aids data leak checks. 


Using to track South African numbers in Johannesburg doesn’t require you to pay through your nose. 

This service has cost-effective subscriptions, including:

  • 24-Hour Trial: $0.89
  • 1 Month: $49.80

#2 North App

north app new

Would you like to track phone numbers in South Africa with a GPS tracking service similar to If yes, consider North App. This service grants you unfettered access to the actual location of Android or iOS phones in South Africa and beyond. 

Like, you don’t need social engineering skills to install it on your target’s device. The only thing required to aid North App phone tracking is the target’s phone number. Quite simple, eh?

It gets better: You won’t face compatibility issues with North App. The app works on new and old cell phones. Regardless of the target’s network carrier, North App will give you full access to their actual whereabouts. So, if your kid isn’t where they claim to be, you can track their cell phone number in South Africa for real-time location data. 


You don’t need to spend too much for the access to the revolutionary services of North App. Patrons can get their GPS location tracking acts going with these plans: 

  • 24-hour Trial: $0.99
  • 1 Month: $49.80 per month

NOTE: You can access North App’s premium features with its trial plan. However, it’s vital to note that access ends after 24 hours. If you’ve got the cash for the 1 Month plan, the service will automatically debit your credit or debit card. 

#3 eyeZy

eyeZy phone tracker

Do you need eyes on your kid, spouse, or employee’s location at all times? If your answer to this query is yes, now’s the time to consider the revolutionary spy app – eyeZy. The function required for GPS location tracking on this service is tagged “Phone Tracker.”

Once you install the eyeZy app on the target’s phone, this feature becomes active and will give you precise insight into the target’s current GPS location. 

What’s better? If your target is in Bloemfontein, South Africa, you’ll be able to see their location history within this vicinity. So, knowing where your kid, partner, or employee visited is possible. 

eyeZy also has a top-tier add-on called “Magic Alerts.” If you set danger zones on the map via geofencing and the target ventures into these areas, Magic Alerts does what its naming suggests – alert you immediately!


While eyeZy won’t pop up in your how to track a phone number for free Google search, the spy application has these decent plans available for South African citizens:

  • 1 Month: $47.86 
  • 3 Months: $27.99 per month
  • 12 Months: $10.00 per month

NOTE: These values are discounted. Thus, it’ll be best to join the “eyeZy bandwagon” to track phone numbers in South Africa before prices shoot up.

#4 mSpy

mSpy app

mSpy ranks high in the spy app arena. This application has 30+ features used by millions worldwide. A notable add-on in its arsenal? GPS phone tracking!

After you’ve installed mSpy on the target device, you’ll have access to their exact GPS location. To aid you in spotting a target quicker, mSpy incorporates a detailed map highlighting the real-time coordinates of a target.

It gets better:

mSpy gives you a rundown of their previous locations. This spying service provides context into the time frame they visited. So, if your spouse has been committing infidelity acts in a nearby hotel, mSpy gives you the luxury of connecting the GPS dots and making sense of their movements.

mSpy is an excellent choice if you’d like to learn how to track a private number in South Africa. This spying app has bank-grade encryption, ensuring that no third party has an idea of your GPS tracking endeavors 24/7.


Although mSpy has top-tier features in its résumé, you can monitor someone’s location in South Africa without encountering astronomical subscription plans.

Available mSpy packages include:

  • 1 Month: $48.99 
  • 3 Months: $28.00 per month
  • 12 Months: $11.67 per month

#5 MobiPast

MobiPast app

When a tracking application is similar to the mSpy app, you know GPS tracking will be a breeze. 

Thankfully, the MobiPast does it with aplomb.

This spy app gives you access to your ward, partner, or employee’s whereabouts in South Africa. You’ll also get details about the areas they’ve been to in recent times.

Setting up MobiPast is simple, and you should get your tracking endeavors started on the target phone within 5 minutes. The spy application also runs in stealth mode, ensuring the target is unaware of your spying activities.


To use MobiPast, pay for one of these plans:

  • 1 Month: $48.99 
  • 3 Months: $28.00 per month
  • 12 Months: $11.67 per month

#6 Phone Number Track

Phone Number Track

As the name suggests, Phone Number Track is a GPS-tracking service that uses South Africa phone numbers to locate associated targets. 

The tracking service is 100% free. To get started, input the target’s smartphone number and click “Track.” After you’ve done this, you’ll see their real-time GPS location data. 

#7 South Africa Tracker App

If you want a tracking application that hits home as an SA resident, the South Africa Tracker app should tickle your interest. Similar to mSpy, this spy app will sift out location data from any smartphone and send it to your remote Control Panel.

Installing the South Africa Tracker app is easy, and you should be done within 3 minutes. Upon installation on a target’s device, the app’s thumbnail disappears. A GPS tracking app that makes you invisible? Perfect!


The South Africa Tracker’s similarity to mSpy is evident in its subscriptions also. Here are the available plans:

  • 1 Month: $48.99
  • 3 Months: $28.00 per month
  • 12 Months: $11.67 per month


Can I See the Location History of the Target Device?

Yes. Using the listed spyware alternatives, you can see your ward, spouse, or employee’s location history all day. 

How to Track a Phone Number Without Physical Access to the Phone?

Using SMS GPS tracking services like or North App, access to the target phone isn’t required. 

You only need a phone number to view the device’s GPS location 24/7!

How to Track a Cell Phone Number on Google Maps?

To track a smartphone number via Google Maps, follow these steps:
Gain access to the target device. Afterward, head to the “Settings” area and activate Location Services.
Launch the Google Maps application on the target’s Android or iOS device.
Once it’s opened, click the top right corner of the screen (the section that hosts the target’s profile picture).
Click on Location Sharing and tap “Share Location” afterward.
Hit the “Until you turn this off” icon. Now, ensure your device is amongst those the target sends their location to, and click “Share.”
You should encounter the “(Your device name) can see your location” message.
And voila, you’re done and ready to track any device’s GPS location in South Africa.

How to Track a Phone Using IMEI?

To track any smartphone in South Africa using an IMEI, follow these easy steps:
Head to the Play Store and search for the IMEI tracker – Find My Device application.
Once you find it, install the app on your device.
Grant the necessary permissions required for the app’s functioning and insert the phone numbers of trusted relatives or friends. If your device gets missing, the service will send alerts containing your device’s IMEI number and GPS location to these contacts.
Using the IMEI number sent to your contacts, you can monitor the device’s GPS location 24/7.

NOTE: This app also lets you send SMS messages to your stolen device and receive replies showcasing the device’s location. How NIFTY! 

Major Takeaway

If you’re in South Africa and looking for a way to track your ward, partner, or employee, consider the mediums on our listing. Although each option has its advantages and disadvantages, it’ll be best to use a spy application like mSpy for efficiency and stealth.

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