Track Location by Sending Link: Choosing the Best App

Track Location by Sending Link

In the digital age, the concept of location tracking has evolved dramatically. With just a text link to find location, you can pinpoint someone’s whereabouts. Isn’t that impressive? But how do you send someone a link to get their location? Let’s delve into it!

Track Location by Sending Link via Detectico


Detectico is a cutting-edge platform dedicated to offering location-tracking capabilities through text link to find location. At its core, it is designed to make tracking both efficient and user-friendly.

Key Features:

  • Location Tracking: Detectico provides the pinpoint of the target device on the map. So, once the target person clicks on the link, you will be able to observe their location on your personal dashboard. 
  • No Installation Needed: You don’t need to worry about installing any kind of software on the target phone. Everything you need is just a stable internet connection to access the web-based service. 


  • User-friendly Interface: Navigating through the app is a breeze, making it accessible for all ages to use link to find someone’s location.
  • Accuracy: Detectico prides itself on its pinpoint location accuracy, reducing errors and uncertainties.
  • Price: Just $1.19 for all those features. Isn’t that a miracle? 


  • Occasional Glitches: No app is perfect, and some users have reported minor glitches during use.


Detectico boasts extensive compatibility. Whether you’re an Android enthusiast or an Apple fan, it will be easy for everyone to access the advantages of this web-based software. It’s web-friendly, making sending link to find someone’s location possible for everyone.


Many users agree that the cost is justified by its unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. Every cent is worth it, as you get an outstanding solution that can help you locate almost anyone having a mobile number. 

1-day trial$1.19
1-month plan$66.45

Text Link to Find Location Using North App

north app new

North App emerges as a formidable player in the sphere of location tracking through location tracking link. Designed with the user in mind, it offers an amalgamation of precision and user accessibility.

Key Features:

  • Geo-tracking: With North App, users can see the exact location of the target person and receive notifications when the location tracking link is opened.
  • Precise Location Mapping: The app ensures that users receive accurate coordinates, making it easier to pinpoint exact locations.


  • Varied Pricing Tiers: North App offers various subscription models catering to both budget-conscious and premium-seeking users.
  • Precise Notifications: Get instant alerts regardless of the device you’re using, ensuring you’re always able to use location tracking link and detect their live place. 


  • Lack of Features: In fact, North App is only the location tracking tool. If you want a more extensive solution that includes other features, it is better to look for some alternatives. 


North App shines with its cross-device compatibility. Whether you’re using an Android or iOS or accessing a web browser from your computer, the software ensures a smooth experience with location tracking link.


The pricing structure is versatile. While they have pocket-friendly options, for those seeking more time-extended software, monthly packages are available. The diversity in pricing ensures that North App can cater to a wide range of user needs.

1-day trial$1.19
1-month plan$66.45

Send Link to Get Location via Scannero


Venturing into the dynamic realm of location tracking, Scannero stands out with its robust features and a commitment to user privacy. It aims to amalgamate advanced technology with straightforward usability seamlessly.

Key Features:

  • Encrypted Location Data: Scannero places paramount importance on user security. Every piece of location data is encrypted, ensuring utmost confidentiality.
  • Wide Range of Attachments: You can choose the attachment you want to send a link to track location. Choose the one that suits your needs and objectives the most.


  • High Level of Compatibility: Scannero doesn’t discriminate; be it Android, iOS, or a desktop, it works flawlessly.
  • Value for Money: With its comprehensive suite of features, users often find Scannero offering the most it could provide for that money.


  • Limited Customization: Some users desire more personalized features, which Scannero’s current interface might limit.


One of Scannero’s crowning achievements is its widespread compatibility. No matter your device of choice, the app promises a glitch-free tracking experience with link that tracks location.


Scannero’s pricing is designed to offer competitive rates while not compromising on feature richness. Whether you’re on a budget or willing to spend a bit more on a more long-term solution, Scannero has an option tailored for you.

1-day trial$1.19
1-month plan$66.45

Send Someone a Link to Get Their Location with Geofinder


Navigating the myriad options in the location tracking domain, Geofinder offers its own set of features aimed at bridging distances. While it comes with its advantages, like any tool, it isn’t without its limitations when using its link that tracks location.

Key Features:

Geofinder offers a wide range of features. Whether you want to get someone’s location through SMS or want to know whether the target person is using a VPN on their device – that’s possible. They can also detect the IP address of the target person and find out their cell phone carrier.


  • Broad Compatibility: Geofinder can be operated across multiple devices, from Android to iOS, ensuring a decent level of flexibility.
  • Doesn’t require installation: You don’t need to have the target device in your hands even once to install the software. It is a web-based solution that can send link to find someone’s location.  


  • User Interface Concerns: Some users feel the interface lacks intuitiveness, leading to a steeper learning curve.
  • Inconsistent Precision: While often accurate, there have been instances where the location details provided were not pinpoint precise.


Geofinder’s adaptability is one of its stronger suits. Due to its web-basing, it can be compatible with most devices and phone networks. 


Geofinder’s pricing leans towards the affordable spectrum. However, it’s worth noting that while it offers budget-friendly options, some advanced features besides the ability to send link to find someone’s location present in higher-tier applications might be missing.

1-day trial$1
1-month plan$49.99

How to Get Someone’s IP Address with a Link


The world of IP tracking has seen several tools emerge, with Grabify standing out as a notably free and effective method. Designed to simplify the process of IP capturing, Grabify allows individuals and businesses to effortlessly track IP addresses just by creating and sharing a unique link. It kinda a way to send someone a link to get their location.

Grabify functions as a link shortener with an added twist. Instead of just shortening links, it logs the IP addresses of everyone who clicks on them. This method is particularly useful when needing to ascertain the general geographical location or device type of a user, for reasons such as cybersecurity monitoring or for analytical purposes.

Steps to Use Grabify:

  • Link Generation: Visit the Grabify website and input the URL you wish to convert.
  • Shortened URL Creation: Click on the ‘Create URL’ button, and Grabify will provide a new, shortened link. Then, you will be able to send someone a link to get their location.
  • Share & Track: Distribute this new link as you normally would. Whenever someone accesses it, Grabify logs and displays their IP address, along with other useful data.
  • Review Data: Revisit the Grabify site and input your link to see a list of tracked IP addresses, device types, and even approximate locations.

With tools like Grabify, IP address tracking has never been more straightforward. However, it’s imperative to employ such resources ethically, ensuring user privacy and legal considerations are upheld.

How to Send Link to Find Someone’s Location with Detectico

Detectico simplifies the process into three intuitive steps:

  • Step 1 – Target Identification: Input the individual’s phone number.
  • Step 2 – Link Dispatch: The app automatically creates at attachment you can use to send link to get location.
  • Step 3 – Location Retrieval: Once they click, Detectico fetches and displays their location to you.


What is a phone number tracker?

It’s a tool or application that uses a phone number to determine the device’s location.

Do I need to install an app to track someone’s location by link?

While some apps require installation, many online platforms allow you to send link to get location without any app.

What type of message will they get?

Usually, they receive a discreet message containing the link that tracks the location.

Can I track the location of any number?

In most cases, you can, unless the number has privacy protections.

How soon will I get the location?

Almost immediately, as soon as they click the link.

Do I need to send a link anytime I want to know someone’s location?

Yes, each tracking session typically requires a new link.


The ability to send a link to track location is truly remarkable, blending the marvels of technology with our intrinsic need to stay connected. While the platforms discussed each have their unique attributes, the shared goal remains: providing a location tracking link to bridge distances. Remember always to seek consent and respect privacy when using such tools.

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